Love Oceans Week

- (Added 23. Jan. 2020)

RHYL Love Oceans Week

Monday 10th February – 25th February 2020


Come join us for family fun, fishy facts and crafts and learn about interesting things that you may not know about the ocean and its inhabitants! Many heart-based facts can be learnt whether it’s discovering who has the biggest heart in the ocean or learning about how the Zebra Danio can re-grow up to 75% of their heart.




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Santa Stops at SeaQuarium!

- (Added 20. Nov. 2019)


SeaQuarium offers some truly magical moments this Christmas season!

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Ahoy me Hearties, Join us for Pirate month!

- (Added 26. Jul. 2019)

 Ahoy, me Hearties! Prepare for a month ‘o ruckas, hoots and hollars and tales of the

sea as the SeaQuarium is taken over by a band of Pirates!
From 1 st -31 st August, bring your lads and lass’s to SeaQuarium Rhyl where they can
join in the Pirate Month celebrations. Featuring a variety of fun activities including
flag making, storytelling and lots more swashbuckling fun and games.

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SeaQuarium Celebrates The Oceans!

- (Added 24. May. 2019)

Back by popular demand ‘Love Oceans’ week is being held at SeaQuarium Rhyl from Saturday, 25th to Sunday 2rd June 2019.  It’s aim is to raise awareness of a crisis happening in our oceans and to raise vital funds for the Marine Conservation Society

During ‘Love Oceans’ week visitors will be able to celebrate all that is good about the deep blue and to find out how even simple little things they do at home can make a big impact on the health of the oceans worldwide.

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- (Added 5. Apr. 2019)
SeaQuarium Rhyl is welcoming some very special new additions to its aquarium in the formof starry smooth hound sharks and a lot more native species along with our Golden Egg ready for the Easter Event.

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During your visit to the SeaQuarium, don’t forget to take part in our free children’s activity booklet.
Pick up a booklet, find the answers to the questions around SeaQuarium and play some fun games along the way! Children will even receive a sticker at the end of their visit when shown to a member of staff!


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