Fantastic Phobias Zone at SeaQuarium rhyl... Fantastic Phobias Zone at SeaQuarium rhyl... Fantastic Phobias Zone at SeaQuarium rhyl...

Face Your Fears!

Step on the ‘SS SeaQ’ at SeaQuarium and get ready to face your fears!

SeaQuarium’s new creepy exhibit will challenge even the strongest of nerves! Are you arachnophobic? Maybe you’re musophobic? Or possibly ophidiophobic? Does the thought of rats scurrying around leave your hair standing on end? Or maybe a spider sat in your bathtub makes you want to scream? Prepare to be unnerved this year when as we open our doors to these eerie creatures in our brand new zone!

SeaQuarium Rhyl has recently seen an invasion of rodents, insects and slimy intruders. But these aren’t unwelcome guests; these are part of a new exhibit challenging you to face your fears and get up close and personal with ‘Fantastic Phobias’.

Step aboard the SS SeaQ and see a selection of creatures who, in the past, have had a bad reputation for giving people a fright, such as cockroaches and locusts.

Phobias are more than mere fears, for some they can affect daily lives; for others it may be an inherited fear of spiders or an ‘old wives tale’ based on superstition. 

Whatever your pet hate in the ‘creepy crawly’ department, we plan to allay any tales and fears by highlighting some of the more interesting facts and figures about a few of our less than popular little creatures.  Such as, it is thought that rats can predict the future. Since they live in the hold of a ship they are the first to know when water enters and there is a real danger of sinking. At the touch of seawater rats scurry away and this has been interpreted as an act based on sixth sense, which is of course, is merely a myth. 

Join us daily in the Fantastic Phobias Zone for educational and entertaining presentations about the Fantastic Phobias animals!

Fantastic Phobias Zone at SeaQuarium rhyl...

BE GREEN - Carbon Balance Your Visit...

If you visit the SeaQuarium and have travelled far by car, you can help offset the carbon you have used by visiting the World Land Trust Website. This charity take direct action to save ecosystems vital to many animals. For more information on how you can help be green during your visit take a look at our Responsible Visitor Charter.


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