Sea Lion Cove Sea Lion Cove Sea Lion Cove

Get closer to the action and see the superstar seals in action as they show off their natural abilities with front flipper walks, balancing acts, hurdle jumps in the water, and lots of splashing! Each seal has its own personality and special skills. Lasting approximately 15 minutes. Located in the Seal Cove.

Also see our harbour seals and learn more about them during one of their daily feeds, and learn more about many of the smaller aquatic species in daily talks, feeds and presentations throughout the SeaQuarium.

Seal Cove - Shows start at 13:00 and 15:00

Harbour Seals – Feeding times at 12:00 & 16:00

Check out our range of daily presentation and feeds. Please see the Hands On schedule board when you arrive at the SeaQuarium for a full list.


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FREE Activity Booklet!

During your visit to the SeaQuarium, don’t forget to take part in our free children’s activity booklet.
Pick up a booklet, find the answers to the questions around SeaQuarium and play some fun games along the way! Children will even receive a sticker at the end of their visit when shown to a member of staff!


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