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- (Added 14. Feb. 2019)

SeaQuarium Rhyl will be celebrating an Explorer’s Event from 16th February to 3rd March, where guests will be invited to explore the animals on display at the aquarium and learn more about the creatures that call the sea their home.

Guests will be able to see some st-ray-nge new arrivals too, as a total of 22 rays were delivered from Longleat Safari Park which can now be seen on display at the aquarium.

All but one of the rays that arrived were thornback rays, however there was one undulate ray that was of particular interest to staff at the aquarium.

Nat Lewis, one of the Display’s Assistants explained, “Undulate rays are currently classed as ‘Endangered’ according to the IUCN, the world’s governing body on conservation. Thornback rays are considered to be ‘Near Threatened’, however both species are in decline in the wild.

“The rays that we have welcomed here were largely bred in captivity at Longleat, with the undulate ray being born in Brighton. We hope our guests have a wonderful time exploring the aquarium and seeing if they can spot all 22 of our new arrivals.”

After being given time to settle in, the rays have been introduced to the SeaQuarium’s resident population or rays, which includes a number that were hatched and raised by the aquarium staff themselves.

It is important to keep species such as these breeding in captivity because of the threats and dangers that their wild counterparts currently face. Due to the wild status of undulate rays at the moment, there is an ongoing breeding programme amongst a number of British and European zoos and aquariums to maintain and increase the captive population. This kind of ex-situ conservation can be seen throughout a number of threatened species worldwide.

Throughout the Explorer’s Event there will be numerous talks and demonstrations, some of which will include the new rays, as well as the sharks, starfish and seals.

As an added treat, guests can enjoy explorer-themed demonstrations in the Seal Cove where they’ll be able to learn more about the seals and explore the habitat of the South African fur Ssals.

Additional to the shows, encounters and trails, to celebrate the new season there will be additional fun activities including free craft sessions aimed at children and families. Every explorer needs a telescope and a hat, so guests are welcomed to make their own.

Explorers Half Term activities are included in the standard admission price, with the exception of the trail, which includes a small fee.

SeaQuarium Rhyl is situated on the promenade and open from 10am daily. Once entered, tickets are valid all day, which allows guests to not only view the animals on display, but also come and go throughout the day and enjoy any of the talks, demonstrations and activities available. 

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