SeaQuarium Celebrates The Oceans!

- (Added 24. May. 2019)

Back by popular demand ‘Love Oceans’ week is being held at SeaQuarium Rhyl from Saturday, 25th to Sunday 2rd June 2019.  It’s aim is to raise awareness of a crisis happening in our oceans and to raise vital funds for the Marine Conservation Society

The staff at Seaquarium are well versed in making sure that the environment provided for their aquatic residents is ideal. In the wild it is a very different story with increasing pollution, overfishing and habitat destruction damaging what is often taken for granted.

During ‘Love Oceans’ week visitors will be able to celebrate all that is good about the deep blue and to find out how even simple little things they do at home can make a big impact on the health of the oceans worldwide.

SeaQuarium has a vast number of creatures 

from oceans all around theworld on display. One of the most fascinating of those creatures is the jellyfish! Guests are invited to come and see our moon jellyfish on display. Moon jellyfish are a delicate species made up of around 95% water. They are missing a brain, heart and blood! Yet they have a simple stomach and gonads for reproduction. These gonads can be seen as the four rings within the bell of the jellyfish! (that’s the squishy bit).

We’d also like our visiting guests to take a look at the display dedicated to the most dangerous thing in the oceans right now - litter! “One fact our guests often find surprising is the length of time that it takes for pieces of litter to degrade in the sea, with plastic being one of the worst offenders. Certain items of plastic can also be misleading to animals, for example a carrier bag floating in the ocean current can look like a tasty jellyfish to a hungry sea turtle, causing all kinds of complications for the poor turtle” Gem added.

“With the current amount of attention and emphasis surrounding the deteriorating health of our seas we thought it would be a great time to get our guests involved and informed as to how they can help save our seas.” explained Gem Simmons one of the marine biologists at SeaQuarium. “Scientist currently predict that we have a decreasing amount of time to act before we hit the ‘tipping point’ by which the damage caused will be irreversible.”

“Love” will be the theme of the week as visitors find out which sea creature has the biggest heart, which species can survive without a heart and what unique animals are found in the heart of the ocean. With the hopes to encourage guests to love the oceans around themselves and in turn, take better care of them. They are also invited to investigate all sorts of fun and interesting facts such as what’s in a single drop of seawater.

There will also be taking  place additional talks and demonstrations as well as a craft club for the children, where they can design their own sea creature, and a Love Ocean trail where guests can learn a little more about the wonders of the ocean.

Throughout the week there will be fundraising efforts for the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. Find out more about the Marine Conservation Society at:

Standard admission prices are £9.75 for adults and £8.75 for children. Alternatively, visitors can book in advance online and save up to 30% off the standard admission price.

SeaQuarium is located on the promenade in Rhyl and opens at 10am daily with last admissions at 5pm. Further information is available from SeaQuarium’s official website or by telephone on 01745 344660.

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