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The new additions have been welcomed by the current inhabitants who reside in the Underwater Ocean Tunnel, including their relatives the bull huss and thornback rays.
Named for the small number of white speckles that run along their body resembling stars, the
smoothound sharks are native to Europe and can be found in UK waters alongside their close
relatives, the common smoothound. With a gestation period of up to 12 months, it will be a while to wait to see whether the shiver will be welcoming any babies.
Zane Jones, Displays Assistant, said: “Smooth hound sharks in themselves are curious sharks as they lack the hundreds of sharp teeth that people come to expect with sharks. Their main diet consists largely of crabs and molluscs so their teeth are actually just solid plates used for crushing their food.”
The starry smooth hound shark gets its name for the number of small white speckles that run along its body, closely resembling stars. In the UK water we have two species of smooth hound, the common and the starry smooth hound. In recent weeks Rhyl Seaquarium have welcomed in a number of younger smooth hounds to increase their population with the hopes of encouraging captive breeding.
He continued: “The newest additions can be seen in the sunken galleon and the underwater ocean tunnel where they live alongside some of their relatives such as bull huss and thornback rays as well as a wide variety of other native marine animals that can be found around the coasts of the UK”.
Easter Extravaganza is in full swing at the aquarium

until the end of April, with numerous themed activities, interactive demonstrations and a special Easter themed family seal show featuring our resident seals Sefur, Nelly and Solo.
To join in with the fun, guests are also encouraged to bring their Easter Bonnets to the event. Any child (3-16yrs) who arrive wearing their Easter Bonnet will receive 15% off entry into the aquarium when accompanied by an adult (T&C apply).
The starry smoothounds can be seen during the Easter holiday, when all of the aquarium’s exhibits will be open as usual.
Easter Extravaganza will be running until 28th April 2019, with standard
admission £9.75 for adults and £8.75 for children. SeaQuarium Rhyl is located on the promenade and open from 10am daily with last admissions at 4.30pm.
Further information is available from SeaQuarium’s official website:
or by
telephone on 01745 344660.
You can find out more on the aquarium’s official Facebook page:
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