Love Oceans Week

- (Added 23. Jan. 2020)

RHYL  Love Oceans Week

Monday 10th February – 25th February 2020


Come join us for family fun, fishy facts and crafts and learn about interesting things that you may not know about the ocean and its inhabitants! Many heart-based facts can be learnt whether it’s discovering who has the biggest heart in the ocean or learning about how the Zebra Danio can re-grow up to 75% of their heart.


As part of Love Oceans Week, you will be able to take part in our interactive trail*, learn more about the SeaQuarium's underwater inhabitants and earn a Love Oceans sticker and prize!


There will also be a FREE Love Oceans Craft Club where you can Design Your Own Ocean Sea Creature to take home with you.


Continuing the love theme, why not head to the Seal Cove and purchase some special love heart treats to feed the Seals and help us raise money for a local wildlife conservation charity.


PLUS, have you ever wondered what hidden creatures are in a single drop of seawater? Come along to our Discover Oceans Session and find out for yourself!

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FREE Activity Booklet!

During your visit to the SeaQuarium, don’t forget to take part in our free children’s activity booklet.
Pick up a booklet, find the answers to the questions around SeaQuarium and play some fun games along the way! Children will even receive a sticker at the end of their visit when shown to a member of staff!


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